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Our Services

Property Tax Management

The Graham Group is a Full Service Property Tax Management firm. We represent clients ranging from one property to National clients with portfolios of more than 100 properties. The Graham Group partners with its clients to Maximize the Property Tax Efforts.

Personal Property Compliance and Audit

The Graham Group offers its expertise in ensuring personal property returns are filed correctly, and prior to any filing deadlines. The Graham Group works to ensure each asset is in its correct SIC Category/Depreciation class in order to maximize taxable valuations. We also audit previously filed returns for any corrections needed leading to prior year tax savings. The Graham group will resolve any County Initiated audits as well.

Acquisition and Disposition Due Diligence

The Graham Group works alongside its clients to ensure they have the most accurate projections of tax impact resulting from property acquisition or disposition. The Graham Group utilizes industry leading analysis both regionally and nationally to develop its due diligence opinions.

Budget Analysis and forecasting

The Graham Group works hand in hand with its clients to aide in preparing for the upcoming tax years. The graham group interacts with the governing jurisdictions regularly to stay up to date with upcoming Legislation, revaluations, tax rate changes, and other factors affecting property taxes.

Tax Bill Audit

The graham group will ensure all tax bills are calculated correctly, and aide in ensuring all due dates are known. The Graham Group will aide in ensuring the county tax collectors apply all funds correctly.

Tax Abatement/Credit Services

The Graham Group advises clients regarding available property tax abatement or property tax credit programs; such as TIF, CRA, Development Authority Bond Financing, Historic Property Rehab Tax freezes, Revenue Bond sizing, ETC.